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Implementing new systems or processes within a business can be a complex undertaking, often fraught with challenges ranging from technical issues to internal resistance within the company. To help navigate these hurdles effectively, we at Contractor Foreman have developed an implementation team to get your business into the platform quickly, in a way that makes sense for your company.

Import your list type data, contacts, Cost codes, Cost Item Database etc.
Train team on settings and workflows based on your current procedures
Set up other individual one-on-one training sessions based off your plan chosen
Assist you in learning use of Phone Apps

and more…

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Tailored solutions

The implementation program is not a one-size-fits-all. We’ll take the time to get to know your organizations objectives, identify potential challenges, and find answers, ensuring a more precise fit and maximum impact.

Expertise and experience

Improper planning and execution can disrupt operations, leading to downtime, errors, and frustrated employees. We work with contractors and subcontractors the world over. We’ve developed an understanding of the industry and can advise to best-practices, enabling you to establish SOP’s for efficient work.

ROI and value

Are you looking to clean up your current processes to be able to take on more work and increase revenue? Or maybe it’s so you can keep your current revenue but perhaps not have to work on Saturday because things have been running smoothly. In forming best practices from the start, we’ll break bad habits before they form. An upfront cost may be hard to think about, but saving hours every week will quickly recoup that expense.

Long-term success

Plain and simple, we know we have a great platform. And the reason we do is because we have customers that stay with us. We are confident that if we properly set you up for success, you’ll be able to successfully use Contractor Foreman for years to come. This mutually beneficial relationship can thrive from the beginning with a successful onboarding and implementation.

Change is hard. We all know it.

There are college courses and degrees offered in change management because it can be that difficult. The first step is a huge one and you’ve already taken it, you recognize that things could be better. Going in blindly to a new program is often not productive. Extra time is needed to learn, workflows within the platform may not be understood, bad habits get formed, and frustration can ensue. Let us lead you productively into Contractor Foreman with an engaging relationship with our implementation team to minimize that stress on you and your team.

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